training sessions out of the box

We want to create an awakening moment, so people can lead a movement for diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

We have come to the market to put a stop on monotonous, superficial, and conceptual training courses. We developed unconventional educational actions, with a simple, hands-on and engaging approach and with the most up-to-date contents on the market.

Some training examples


    Multiple formats

    The training sessions are customized based on the needs of our clients, so it might have different durations and formats, such as:

    • • Lecture
    • • Round-table discussion
    • • Workshop
    • • Courses
    • • Interactive games
  • practical tools

    We believe that we can only take the most out of theory if it is aligned with practice and real-live examples. Our methodology offers innovative contents and tools so that your employees can really get practical experience and build an inclusive culture.

    Our students gave us a score of 9.6 (on a scale from 1 to 10) regarding this requisite.


    creative methodology for achieving an exceptional result

    96% of our clients have stated that we offer a differentiated experience during our training courses.

Themes and contents we can address

We believe that diversity is an “all or nothing” concept

Even though your company can be initially focused on a given dimension (ex: gender, disability, etc.), it is important to understand that the concept of intersectionality will require a broader look to all the spectrum of diversity.

For this reason, Blend Edu acts strategically on all subjects, providing support for your company to build a culture based on respect, empathy, and inclusion. See some of the examples of subjects we can address in our educationally initiatives:

  • Hacking Bias: Unconscious Bias
  • Inclusive leadership: creating leaders for the XXI century
  • Design Thinking focused on diversity
  • Digital mindset and its importance on diversity
  • Inside out: A game on managing diversity
  • Future, generation Y and purpose
  • Contaminating your company with the empathy virus
  • #AD: what advertising teaches us about diversity
  • Inclusive employee experience: designing an inclusive employee journey
  • A round-table discussion with trans people
  • Racial equality in companies
  • Women’s empowerment and gender equality