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DIVERSIDADE SA é a primeira comunidade virtual de aprendizagem do mercado com foco no desenvolvimento de uma liderança engajada nos desafios de diversidade.

We use the power of technology to build meaningful connections, share information, and enable the rise of a community with great power of transformation.

how it works

  • 1. Join the community

    based on the number of users and the company profile, we define the most aligned plan to meet your needs, so you can subscribe to the diversidade SA platform.

  • 2. Get access to Master Classes

    The company users can watch live Master Classes (streaming) as well as on demand, learning from the best specialists on the market that will address concepts, cases, and best practices on diversity.

  • 3. Explore our virtual learning platform

    The Master Classes recordings will be available on an online platform (desktop and mobile) along with materials and discussion forums among users from different companies.

  • 4. Get engaged in the community

    The users will be able to share their experiences and expand their network, interacting with executive from other organizations.

a learning experience you have never seen before.


Mobile Solution

Learn anytime and anywhere.

Content library

Easy accessed contents, blended into a single platform.

Network with large-scale companies

Get connected to professionals from the largest companies in Brazil.



Engage all your leadership in educational initiatives.

Social learning

A social network resource for creating connections and sharing knowledge.

A specialist network

See lectures by the best specialists and professionals on the market.


An educational solution with the best cost-benefit on the market.

Get in touch with our team to see our plans and pricing based on your needs.

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