why do we make this toolkit available?

We are living in world where paradigms are changing. We see the rise of new pathways, based on decentralization, self-organization, networked governance, shared information and collaboration among people and institutions.

For this reason, one of our proposals is to democratize access to knowledge and contents on diversity, generating a large-scale impact. We believe in collective intelligence and in the power of creating strong communities.

to infinity and beyond

Here, we provide several tools free-of-charge that are part of our BLEND methodology, as well as other tools that we consider as a reference in the market. Click the material below to access it

Attention: links will be soon available
  • Ebook: Diversity Sprint

  • Excel: Diversity Dashboard

  • Ebook: Diversity Census Survey

  • Canvas: D&I Stakeholder Mapping Canvas

  • Ebook: Interview for Empathy

  • Ebook: Design on Empathic conversations

  • Ebook: Hacking bias: unconscious bias

  • Game: Card on unconscious bias

  • Game: Card on privilege

  • Diagnostic: WEPS Gap Analysis (UN Women)

  • Diagnostic: D&I benchmarking survey

  • Diagnostic: Understand your innovation culture

  • Ebook: OKR: agile targets for diversity

  • Canvas: Inclusive Culture Canvas

  • Canvas: Diversity Strategy Canvas

  • Ebook: Diversity experiences design

  • Ebook: Principles of inclusive design

  • Canvas: Diversity Strategy Canvas

  • Checklist: For minimizing biases in the performance reviews

  • Checklist: For minimizing biases in the recruiting process

  • Calendar: special dates for celebrating diversity