Sensory and immersive experiences

Sensory and immersive educational experiences as a tool for employee engagement and culture transformation

We develop sensory and immersive experiences as a way of deepening the reflection and making people open to a more empathic and inclusive behavior

 Check out some examples:

Virtual Reality (VR)

(Vídeo 360)
Na imagem, um homem branco utiliza um óculos de realidade virtual.

Immersive experience in which you will be transported to another reality through technology, be it that of a refugee or a person with disabilities.

Empathy in the Dark

(experiência gastronômica)
Na imagem, uma mulher prova um alimento com olhos vendados.

A snack is offered to your team - blindfolded -, so that they can leave their comfort zone and experience a ludic and interactive moment. At the end of the activity, people are surprised with a special guest.

Musical Vest (sound vibration)

(vibração do som)
Na imagem, uma mulher branca veste um colete preto para a interação e olha para sua barriga.

A vest that vibrates at the frequency of sound, enabling you to understand how some people with hearing loss connect with music.

Empathy Lab

Na imagem, duas mulheres estão sentadas usando fones de ouvido para participar da atividade.

An experience with audio testimonials in which you can hear the story of people with contexts and experiences completely different from yours.

Sensorial Sidewalk

Na imagem, destaque em primeiro plano uma mulher usando cadeira de rodas para se locomover em um ambiente.

Modular sidewalk with different obstacles that allows you to understand the importance of accessibility from the perspective of people with visual and physical disability.

Bring one of our educational experiences to your company

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Bring one of our educational experiences to your company

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