transformative empathic sensory experiences

Blend Edu believes in the potential that learning experiences have to transform people and engage them. We develop sensory and immersive experiences as a way of deepening the reflection and making people open to a more empathic behavior.

see some examples of these experiences:


    virtual reality (vr)

    Be transported into another reality, by watching 360 videos. Listen to the story of several people, who have experienced completely different contexts, such as a Brazilian rapper, a refugee, or a disabled person.

  • musical vest

    Normally we think a deaf person is not strongly connected to music. But he/she is! Through vibration.

    Our musical vests vibrate along with the musical frequency, providing a new way to use our senses and our manner of perceiving the world.


    empathic sensory sidewalk

    It is a modular sidewalk including different obstacles, enabling people to understand the reality experienced by millions of visually and physically disabled people in Brazil and throughout the world.