Blend is an English word that means to mix, unite, and harmonize. It perfectly applies to our purpose of promoting inclusion, somando “partes” diferentes para a construção de um “todo” único e coeso.

Furthermore, our colors are strong and bright, reflecting our positioning of being an authentic, innovative, creative, dynamic, and fun brand.

Also notice that there are inverted triangles creating a colorful mosaic between the letters of our name. The triangle was used during the Second World War to identify minorities in the Nazi concentration camps and, more recently, it became a symbol of resistence and fight for equal rights. In addition to that, the mosaic pattern reflects our genuine love for diversity and synergy among differences.

Carefully look at the letter “E” and notice that only 2 of the 3 lines are green, subtly creating an equal sign (=), symbolizing our purpose linked to equality. Now, also observe how one of the triangles displays a crack in the letter “L”, representing our disruptive and non-conventional methodology for developing solutions.

The “edu” is an abbreviation for the word “education”, as this is our main focus for generating transformation in society. Lastly, the subtitle with the words “empathy, diversity, and inclusion” indicates the scope of our work.