Understand the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in companies:

  • Harvard Bussines Review (2016)

    Companies working with diversity policies are 45% likelier to report a growth in market share over the previous year    

  • mckinsey & company (2015)

    Companies in the top quartile for diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians, based on the  ‘Diversity Matters’ report.  

  • hay group (2015)

    Where diversity is recognized and practiced, the employees are 17% more engaged and 75% of them recognize they have better room for innovation.

  • catalyst (2007)

    Companies with more women as directors achieve a better return on equity (53 percent higher), return on sales. (42 percent higher), and return on invested capital (66 percent higher).

  • harvard business review (2016)

    A company with diversity employees can increase up to 152% its chances of understanding the client, as it is more successful in closing a deal. 

  • mckinsey & company (2016)

    Gender parity can generate an increase of US$ 12 trillion dollars in global GDP by 2025, and around US$ 410 billion dollars in the Brazilian economy, in the same period.

  • credit suisse (2017)

    Companies working with global policies for the LGBT public have registered 6.5% higher profit in the last six years compared to its competitors.

  • bid (2016)

    In spite of the benefits, the GAP is significant. Women represent over half of the total population, yet they fill only 13.6% of leadership positions. Afro-descendant are 55% of the population, but only 6.3% of them are managers, and 4.7% of all top executives are black.

  • labor ministry (2016)

    In Brazil, there are 30 million working-aged people who are disabled, but only 330 thousand have registered jobs. Only 40% of companies comply with law #8.213, that  defines that 2 to 5% of job vacancies must be filled by this public.